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Sales Solutions

Sales Solutions offers six services:
  • Rent-A-Sales Managerô - An outsourced resource to manage your sales team. For companies who are not in a position to hire and pay for a dedicated sales manager, yet still need someone to provide leadership, guidance, and coaching to their team, to instill accountability, and to help drive deals to closure. Click here to learn more.

  • Team training, in which participants learn sales processes and practical selling skills in a highly-interactive, engaging environment. Programs are customized to your specific needs, incorporating the particulars and using the language of your industry. For a list of the core courses around which your program will be designed, together with brief descriptions, click here.

  • One-On-One Coaching - To identify and correct breakdowns - large or small - in an individual's sales processes, getting him or her back on track. Ideal for solopreneurs and sole practitioners.

  • Sales Consulting - For organizations lacking in-house sales expertise who recognize that even great products and services don't sell themselves. Depending on your needs, we'll give you a sales process, a sales culture, and a set of tools that will help you to turn prospects into customers. Or we'll work hands-on with you to strategize and close deals currently in your pipeline

  • Business Owners Sales Round Table - A forum to which business owners come to freely and openly discuss and address sales-related challenges in a confidential, closed-door environment. Click here for more.

  • Sales Basics for non-sales people - Many small business owners, solopreneurs, and professionals such as attorneys and CPAs need to bring in business for their organizations, but were never taught just how to do it. In this course you'll learn and develop fundamental skills for developing new business relationships and closing business.

Sales Solutions' training, coaching, and consulting programs can be customized to your specific needs, incorporating the particulars and using the language of your industry.

For more information on any of these offerings, click here.

Sales Solutions
Improving Your TOP Line

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