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Sales Solutions

Here's what they're saying about Sales Solutions:

Letter from the Director of a Program in Entrepreneurship

"I’ve been in sales for over 15 years and have been through many training programs. But I haven’t been able to translate that experience into a format to pass on to my staff. Craig was able to come in, work with me to develop the proper techniques and goals, and help my staff perform at a higher level. He even helped one of my producers to set a sales record in January and write as many polices as I can in a month. Being an owner of a busy insurance agency, it is very important to be able to have my staff writing as much as possible, so I can focus on growing and marketing the agency. "

Robert Zabbia
Owner, Zabbia Insurance Agency, Long Island, NY

"Craig has the uncanny ability to explain things in a way to make them completely understandable. He knows how to relate to each individual level without ever seeming to ‘talk down’. He encourages participation and interaction without making you feel put on the spot. He makes you want to participate and his presentations always keep my attention....The discussion on how to approach individuals with the appropriate agenda in mind was very helpful. I actually plan on keeping it near my phone as a reference before I call a CFO versus an IT Executive."

Kristin Ritter
Sales Representative, Amethyst - The Web Solution Store SM

"In my career as a sales professional one of the main objectives is to “Plan your Work, and Work your Plan”! Craig James has taken the guesswork out of planning with his seminar on how to “Sell Against the Competition”. Utilizing the elements of Research, Analysis, and Action has allowed me to bring my career and my office to the next level. I highly recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to energize their sales ability!"

Lisa Tringali
Agent for a Work Solutions company

"In my selling career, I have taken training with many different companies. Training that ranged from one day at $99 and two days for over $1,000 - with various companies, including the American Management Association. Until this weekend, I was never fully satisfied with my learning experiences. I am happy to say I finally found training that was well worth the money. This was by far the best training and learning experience I have had in my career. Craig James is an active and knowledgeable instructor. His course was very interactive, and encouraged a lot of participation to discuss and practice the concepts learned. We were able to work on the concepts in ways that would directly apply to our own work situations.

I was very impressed by what I learned and would highly recommend this class"

Katrina Peterson
Sales Manager, Wholesale and Retail Accounts, Compass Point Books

"What a great refresher - I was so energized! Craig James knows exactly what it takes to get a sales pro out of a rut and into the groove. Putting on the brakes and getting back to basics is a must....especially for experienced sales veterans."

Ted Adamczyk
Berryville Graphics/Offset Paperback Manufacturers

"It was a great class, one of the best I've ever taken... I look forward to taking more courses with you"

"The course was very helpful and you really made it very enjoyable...I look forward to employing the techniques you taught!"

"Thank you for a most enjoyable and informative two days.

"I very much enjoyed the class, and I have started to give my assistant manager and manager some pointers! Please let me know if you plan on teaching any more courses, because I would love to take them."

"Great class!"

Sales Solutions
Sales Training and Coaching to Improve Your TOP Line

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