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Sales Solutions Business Owners Round Table

In the course of the daily grind of running a business, business owners frequently find themselves with challenging sales issues for which they cannot come up with a winning solution. In such cases, having another pair of eyes and ears - a different perspective - can mean the difference between spinning one's wheels and closing a deal. What's needed is a forum to which business owners can come to freely and openly discuss and address sales-related issues and challenges with, and pick up ideas from, their peers. The Sales Solutions Sales Round Tables were created to meet this need. The Sales Round Table facilitates discussion, problem-solving, idea-generation, and continued growth for business owners with the ultimate goal of providing actionable ideas and tips that lead to improved performance and more closed business. We meet once a month at convenient and comfortable locations in the greater Boston area. The groups are small enough so that members will have their issues discussed, yet large enough to foster meaningful interaction and allow for a diversity of perspectives. Members represent a variety of non-competing industries.

If you think this might be for you, call toll-free 781-269-5690 or send an e-mail for more information. Not sure yet? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.