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Rent-A-Sales-Manager™ is an outsourced sales management service. It provides you, the business owner, with the following vital benefits:

  • Supervision of all aspects of the sales process including: prospecting, lead generation, opportunity identification, pipeline management, proposal management, objection handling, closing, time management, and reporting.

  • Motivation of your sales staff

  • Coaching of individual sales team members

  • Access to real-time reports – lead status, pipeline, closed business – so you can make well-informed decisions

  • Status meetings, weekly or bi-weekly, as desired

All this at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time resource

Rent-A-Sales Manager™ addresses the challenges many business owners face:

  • There is no one in the organization dedicated to working closely with your sales people to advance sales opportunities and close business.

  • With no one working closely with them, you have no idea whether your sales people are working as effectively as they could be - as they should be.

  • You have no repeatable process for sales success.

  • You may have a background other than Sales (Finance, Operations, Marketing), and do not possess the skills, nor have the experience, to effectively manage the sales team yourself.

  • Even if you have sales experience, you're running a business, and don't have the time to devote to your sales team that you know is necessary.

  • You've thought about hiring a sales manager, but the money needed to employ a dedicated, competent manager isn't in the budget yet.

And not finding a solution, you've done nothing about the situation. And so it persists.

If this describes your situation, then Rent-A-Sales-Manager™ is that solution. It relieves you of the unwanted burden - but necessary task - of overseeing the sales function, leaving you free to concentrate on running and building your business. Management and oversight of the sales function is handled by an experienced and reliable resource - and for a fraction of the cost of employing that resource full-time.

If you think Rent-A-Sales-Manager™ might be right for your business, call 781-269-5690, or send an email to for more information or to schedule an exploratory conversation.