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Sales Solutions

Our philosophy about selling in general, and complex selling in particular

Our philosophy about selling is based on one simple premise: everything revolves around the customer, rather than the seller. It is the customer's needs, problems, goals, and desires that drive his decision to seek a solution, not the desire of a salesperson to close a deal. It is necessary, then, for the seller to operate as a consultant, as a trusted advisor, in order to gain insight into the customer's situation, to understand his motivations and concerns, to demonstrate a genuine desire to help, and in doing so earn his trust. Only then can he begin to craft a solution that fills these needs, solves these problems, helps achieve these goals, or that satisfies these desires. Selling is as much about helping customers buy as it is about ãsellingä them.

Complex selling is a framework which, when adhered to diligently and executed by highly-skilled professionals, will more often than not yield great success. Note the emphasis on “framework” and “skills”. Without a process, too many things can go wrong, or be overlooked, during the course of a complex sales engagement, to ensure a high probability of success. And without an extensive, highly-developed and constantly-refined and enhanced skill set and skill level, your sales people are handicapped in their quest to compete for and close business. The absence of either one of these components from a managerís sales force is a needless impediment to maximizing revenues. The absence of both is a recipe for disaster.

Our philosophy about training

In order for training to be considered successful (i.e. it yields a positive ROI), tangible results must result. Simply conducting a stimulating, interactive class is not enough. And even if there are improved results, that alone is not evidence of a successful training program; the results must be demonstrably tied to the training (a multi-million dollar bluebird order that drops into someone's lap - while it makes the annual number look good - does not validate the investment in training!). And we believe that the best way to achieve tangible results through training is by getting buy-in from the participants on the front end, and following-through with them on the back end. When both of these components of a training program surround an effective training session ('intervention'), training one's people becomes one of the best investments a business can make. It is this approach to training - pre-intervention consultation, the training intervention itself, and post-intervention follow-through - which we strongly recommend to our customers.

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Sales Solutions
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