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Selling Power

Read an article by Craig for strategies on identifying and handling different types of sales resistance.

New York Enterprise Report

Craig is a Contributing Editor to The New York Enterprise Report

Featured Article December 2013: 4 Big Mistakes Sales Managers Make

Featured Article March/April 2013: The Selling Sync: How to Align Marketing and Sales for Increased Revenue

Featured Article March 2012: Becoming a Sales Coach

Featured Article October 2011: When Should You Throw in the Towel?

Interview in July 2011 issue: Declining Sales is Business Owner's Biggest Fear

Featured Article June 2011: Are you Selling the Way Customers are Buying?

Featured Article December 2010: Best Practices in Time Management for Salespeople

Featured Article September 2010: Sales Showdown: e-mail vs. Voice mail

Featured Article June 2010: A Salesperson's Guide to LinkedIn

Featured Article March 2010: Get 'em on the Phone

Featured Article February 2010: Five Questions Salespeople Need to Ask, but Rarely Do

Ask the Expert September 2009: Jump start stalled sales - four steps to help close faster

Featured Article, March 2009: Sales Redux 101 - How to Help Your Sales Team Hit Their Goals- Part 1

Featured Article, April 2009: Sales Redux 101 - Increase sales by getting back to basics - Part 2

Ask the Expert January 2009: How to provide buying incentives without discounting

Featured Article, December 2008: Revitalize Your Referrals - How to get more qualified leads from your network

Ask the Expert October 2008: How to reinvigorate a slumping sales person

Featured Article, March 2007: The Care and Feeding of Your Sales Staff (how small business owners can best motivate their sales teams)

Ask the Expert Fall 2004: How to find good salespeople, and how to manage them (Click CTL END)

BusinessWeek online

Advice for finding work with a start-up. February 2009 (scroll down to the second "Dear Karen" question)

Recommendations for re-engaging dormant customers. November 2007

Advice for selecting a location for a high-end paper-products store. March 2005

How to find entrepreneurial sales people. Fall 2004

Marketing advice for an artistic urn business. February 2004

Marketing advice for a construction business. January, 2004

Eye On Sales

Words That Persuade

Voice Mail - Friend or Foe?


Listen to Craig's Sales Rep Radio Interview titled, "Success Through Commitments"

How to Increase Sales in a Recession


Craig's article, "Beating The Lower-Priced Competitor," appears on the websites of the National Business Association, a not for profit association that assists the self-employed and small business community in achieving their professional goals.

Read Craig's article, "Are You Listening" at Sales Pro Magazine, a resource for sales techniques and ideas.

Several of Craig's sales tips appear on, a web site devoted to helping people improve themselves in all aspects of life and business.

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