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Sales Solutions
The Power of a "Thank You" vol 3, issue #3
March, 2005
Lost in the reams of sales training, motivation, and incentive articles, workshops, and courses is the simple reality that transacting business is still a very personal activity. We've all heard the saying, "People buy from people they like." What's also true is that people want to help, want to support, people they like. And the people they like are usually the ones who make them feel good, who make them feel special, who make them feel valued. When I received a "thank you for taking the time to speak with me" notecard from Tim - someone I'd met at a networking event but with whom I'd never followed up - my initial reaction was "why'd he send this to me?", since we'd spoken so briefly. But since he had taken the time to send a card to me, I couldn't very well pitch it, or even file it. So I left it sitting on my desk.

One day I was having a phone conversation when the other party mentioned something germane to Tim's business. I peered over at the card lying on my desk, and told the caller I had someone she should speak to. I gave her his contact information, and suggested he call Tim, mentioning me. I got a call from Tim later that afternoon, thanking me for thinking of him, and for making the connection. I reminded him of the card he'd sent, and complimented him on his use of this simple, but remarkably powerful relationship-building and marketing tool.

Thank you cards can be used in a variety of situations to establish and strengthen relationships, improve the odds of receiving leads, and of receiving referrals. They're effective because they are personal, they're unexpected, and they differentiate you. In addition to the obvious thank you for purchasing, they can be used in a variety of situations, such as

  • Thank you for taking the time to speak (after phone call)
  • Thank you for taking the time to meet
  • Great to have met you (thanks for spending time with me - e.g. at a networking event)
  • Thank you for great service (to anyone who provides great service, not necessarily in a business setting)
  • Thank you for your referral, and even...
  • Thank you for having considered us (after a lost sale)


Get in the habit of sending thank yous and you too will soon find yourself in Tim's shoes - getting referrals and other connections that will help you find and close more business.

Good Selling,

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