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Asking for Commitment vol 2, issue #18
October 1, 2004

Celebrating Anniversaries. Such an odd title for a sales tip...and yet, since this month contains a couple of anniversaries that are very special to me, I figured - why not?

Anniversaries are special times in people's lives. Just as the sweetest sound to a person is his name, the most special dates in his life are anniversaries - his own birthday, those of his spouse and children, his wedding, etc.

Knowledge of these special dates can also be a tool in your sales arsenal. Want to solidify a relationship with a client? Remember his birthday! One of my clients - the owner of an insurance agency - marveled at how I remembered not only his birthday, but also those of his three employees I had trained more than six months prior (OK Robert, the cat's out of the bag now - they were posted, together with those of all your other employees, on the wall in your kitchen area!). Now, care to guess who he turns to whenever new staff he brings on needs to be trained? That's right - moi! And managers, think about how much motivational mileage you'll get out of (surprise) birthday gifts for your salespeople, and how that will translate into increased sales by them.


Salespeople, next time you're with a customer, casually inquire when his or her birthday is. Then put a tickler in your contact management system, reminding you to send him or her a card. Then be sure to send it. Managers, start by taking a walk down to Human Resources and get the birthdays of all your direct reports. Calendar them likewise, and then do something to acknowledge the person's big day when it arrives. Then savor the surprised and appreciative responses you get, which will most assuredly result in more business from customers, and greater enthusiasm and productivity from your staff!

Good Selling!

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