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1. A Results-Oriented Training Philosophy– At Sales Solutions, we go the extra mile to ensure that your training investment has the best chance of paying dividends. Unlike many other sales training firms, our training programs do not begin and end on the day(s) the training is held. Rather, we invest a significant amount of time prior to the training event getting buy-in from the participants, as well as up to three months afterward the training event following-up with them to ensure the skills learned are being used, and used effectively. This extra work minimizes the likelihood that your training investment will not "stick", and maximizes the likelihood that it will yield the results you expect. It is this approach to training - pre-intervention consultation, the training intervention itself, and post-intervention follow-through – that we strongly recommend to all our customers. An approach that we believe differentiates us from the vast majority of sales training options available to you, the customer.

2. Measurability - You've heard it said: "If you don't know where you're going, you'll never know if or when you've arrived there". As a Sales Solutions client, you will know exactly what you can expect from a program with us, and how success will be measured, before well ever accept a dime from you. This greatly reduces your risk.

3. Follow-through – This aspect of our Philosophy is so important we feel it’s worth expanding on it separately. At Sales Solutions, we’re not done with you when the training day is over. As far as we are concerned, training is not about teaching; it’s about making sure your people have learned, are using, and are succeeding with the skills and processes they were taught. This ensures they benefit from their time investment, and that you, their manager, get what you paid for - a positive return on your training investment in the form of a more productive sales team.

4. Choice - Some prospective customers believe that "one size fits all" doesn't fit them. For these customers, Sales Solutions will customize a program that fits them like a glove. Others prefer to play it safe, and go with a standard, proven program. We believe customers prefer to - and will - choose what they want. So we give them a choice. After all, who are we to tell them what's best for them?

5. Affordability - Everyone wants a good value; no one wants to feel he's paid too much. But as a buyer you also want to feel you’re investing in a quality product or service. An investment in training or coaching with Sales Solutions is an excellent value. With a quality offering at rates that are well within the reach of most organizations, you can expect a very high return on your training investment.

And for the small business owner,

Rent-A-Sales Manager – Most large and successful companies have a VP or Director of Sales on their staff. That’s because it’s understood that they add real value to the sales process. But they also add expense. Many small business owners are of the mindset that any sales resource they put on the payroll ought to be out in the field generating revenue. That’s a reasonable position when you’re watching your payroll from month-to-month. So the business owner makes a decision not to pay someone to "sit in an office" and manage a sales team. Of course, the owner is simultaneously making another decision – conscious or not. And that is to forgo the benefits of the sales manager function. And since he or she doesn't have the time and/or the inclination to manage the sales team, sales inevitably suffer.

Sales Solutions offers you, the small business owner, the opportunity to fill this function, which is so critical to your operation – at a fraction of what it would cost to hire that resource. This option enables the owner to "outsource" this necessary function to an expert with experience, ability, and a proven track record.

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